3rd January 2013 – Panic over!

Judging by the market reaction to the last minute deal in the US you would be forgiven for thinking the crisis is over.  I remain sceptical.

As this Reuters piece demonstrates, there are bigger fights still to come.

In the near term there is still the issue of automatic spending cuts to contend with.  The US federal debt is still rising.  The deficit ceiling is still going to be breached and this still remains illegal.

In the longer term tax rises still remain inevitable.  While governments fund revenue expenditure through deficit spending at some point they have to stop this.  They can only do this either through cuts or by increasing revenue.

The cuts now look like they will come first, but the tax increases will surely have to follow.

Had I the spare funds at the moment, I would probably have to buy stocks but I would do so reluctantly.

Nothing has been solved, so just ride whatever waves you can, while you can.