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27th December 2013 — A Christmas cracker from Black Mountain Resources Part 1

It is always amusing to see which companies try and sneak out unpalatable RNS announcements on Christmas Eve. This year it was the turn of Black Mountain Resources (BMZ). Over the coming days I plan to write a few pieces analysing what Black Mountain had to say, as it had a few little Christmas crackers for existing shareholders.

The last time I wrote about Black Mountain was in July and the title of my piece was “Black Mountain Resources; Ho, Ho, Ho”. It couldn’t have been more apt.


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16th December 2013 – Europa Oil & Gas; Ouch!


Another day, another deeply discounted placement on AIM…This morning it was the turn of Europa Oil & Gas (EOG) to act out its own interpretation of building “substantial value for shareholders”.

Now I don’t know about you, but conducting a placement at 6p, when your stock was trading at 10.5p just under a month ago (ahem, after a well timed presentation or two…), doesn’t really strike me as building shareholder value. But what do I know?


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13th November 2013 — Bowleven – a victim of insider trading?

Too many writers pussy foot around the goings-on in London’s Alternative Investment Market. This needs to change and something has to be done about this market.

Today there was an absolute shocker of an announcement from Bowleven (BLVN), but it was yesterday’s price action that has set alarm bells ringing.

I am convinced that there was insider trading of BLVN’s stock.


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4th October 2013 — Eye on AIM

I am increasingly exasperated with London’s Alternative Investment Market. It’s broken. There are no two ways about it. AIM’s structural faults are so obvious that I cannot see how it will possibly last in the long run. I, for one, will perform a delighted little jig on its grave, when it eventually goes the way of the Dodo.

As a private speculator (there are no investors at this end of the market), day in day out, I see the same shoddy practices repeated over and over on AIM. Excessive compensation, terrible operational performance, obfuscating RNS announcements (even if “Nomad approved”, ha ha!) and absurd broker valuations are just some of the ills, which afflict this market.


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5th September 2013 — AIM; the high growth market that doesn’t grow!

A throwaway comment at the end of my last piece on this blog last week drew a surprising response over the weekend. Writing about the AIM resource sector, I said “buying and holding these stocks is, after all, investment suicide.” Let’s just say, this view has not proven to be universally popular..!

I can accept I am a little jaded towards the small-caps, after a rotten 18 months, but the more I look at AIM the more broken I feel the model is. This might sound a little contradictory, after I was celebrating the purple patch resource stocks have just hit, but just because I plan to make good money in the coming months, doesn’t mean I have to like how I do it.


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